The Bare Basics?

If you ask most people what the bare basics are, you’re likely to get the answer “food, water, shelter”. Yet how many of us know how to grow our own food, how to find and purify our drinking water, and how to build our own home? Not very many. We rely on others to provide us with our own basic needs, from Mexican migrant workers toiling in fields for long hours and little pay to wastewater plant operators working in hazardous, unhealthy conditions. We are domesticated serfs of the State, as dependent on our masters as the domestic dog is dependent on her owner.

We complain about the government and speak about change, yet how many of us are ready for change? How many are willing to directly act rather than hide behind the voter’s booth to petition the politician? How many are willing to be the change we wish to see in the world?

“The Bare Basics” challenges all oppressive structures, both political and cultural. We support the abolition of statism, wage slavery, and insensible, discriminatory social views. We view environmental sustainability as the number one issue we face in the 21st century, for without nutritious food, clean air, and safe drinking water we cannot survive. We promote minimalism, focusing on the experiences that make up a rich life rather than the riches that fuel the oppressive state and the corporations that make up its backbone. We believe that we did not have a choice to be born into this world, but that we should be able to live our lives as we choose so long as our actions are not harmful to others.

This blog is based in the United States. For this reason, many articles will primarily refer back to the inverted totalitarian political system found in this part of the world. However, we support the international anarchist revolution and invite eco-anarchists from all backgrounds to share their diverse perspectives.


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